The URBAN-X program is fully online. During the five-month program, startups are immersed in customer development and product development, all in preparation for fundraising. We work with teams to help them level-up, package their product as a full solution, and craft their vision into a narrative that investors, media, and new team members can believe in. Weekly check-ins with the core URBAN-X team, one-on-ones with Experts-in-Residence, online prototyping workshops and sessions on user acquisition and communications take place monthly. While a remote-only program has made social interactions more challenging, we’re continually experimenting with creative ways to encourage camaraderie, community, and self-care.

Going Virtual.

At URBAN-X, we have always believed in the power of distributed teams. Due to COVID, URBAN-X will be a remote-only program going forward. This allows teams to participate without uprooting their lives, and allows the program to invest in more international founders looking to launch their business in the US.

Prototyping and Development.

Helping you make tangible progress on your product is the key goal of our Experts-In-Residence team. Every week throughout the program, you’ll have exclusive access to highly skilled industry experts who will help you with hands-on design, prototyping, and development.
Software startups can take full advantage of our distributed team and front-end and back-end development resources, focusing on the most vital feature development to reach your next milestone. For hardware startups, we’ve created a comprehensive network of manufacturers and in-house prototyping capabilities, allowing us to co-develop and test complex physical products with you. All development projects are structured as sprints, and we rely heavily on digital tools such as Slack, InVision GIT, and cloud-based CAD to collaborate closely with your entire team.

Tailor-made Programming.

Each cohort’s online programming is customized depending on the needs of participating companies. Unlike other mentor-led accelerators, URBAN-X is a partner-led program, and teams receive dedicated partner attention to help navigate the customer discovery process, channel strategy, go-to-market and sales, IP protection, product roadmapping, and raising capital.


Times are changing for the VC world: Fundraising no longer needs to include in-person meetings. URBAN-X continues to host a Demo Day and dedicated Investor Days but now these interactions and investor introductions happen online, and not just in NYC or SF.


The URBAN-X community convenes on a robust Slack channel where domain experts, public and private sector leaders, investors, planners and alumni founders share resources about the future of cities and the climate crisis. URBAN-X continues to host events, round-table discussions and Demo Days where our community can participate from the comfort of their home, or wherever they can find WiFi.