URBAN-X Cohort 03.


Lunewave is developing a high performance and high value sensor system for fully autonomous vehicles. Lunewave’s high frequency Luneburg lens also has broad applications across 5G wireless communication, drones, robotics and other sectors.

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Qucit – for Quantified Cities – applies artificial intelligence to optimize the operation of cities. The company works with cities and businesses to help them have the right team at the right place at the right time performing the right action to ensure a seamless functioning of urban services–from bikeshare fleet rebalancing to emergency response on highways.

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RoadBotics monitors and manages our world’s roadways cost effectively and efficiently through an AI technology that automatically and precisely identifies and rates a wide array of important roadway features and conditions, including cracks, potholes, signage, vegetation, debris and other characteristics. This technology was developed at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute with the explicit goal of giving everyone responsible for managing roadways total infrastructure transparency.

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Swiftera supports citizens, businesses and municipalities in mobility, leisure and urban planning decisions. By providing access to fresh and actionable geospatial data at a competitive cost, the company leverages its novel urban-imagery technology to help customers analyze the past, explore the present and be the first to see the future.

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Versatile Natures

VN’s patent-pending AI and IoT platform supports construction managers with real-time, actionable insights & predictions on status and safety. Their AI guides, alerts and helps construction managers accelerate project completion, ultimately increasing profitability. The company is running paid pilots and changing how the world approaches construction.

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Upshift makes getting a car in the city simple and delightful. Send a text and get a vehicle delivered, clean and fully fueled– every time.

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Blueprint Power is a company built by and for the real estate industry. Blueprint’s mission is to accelerate the transformation of buildings into intelligent power nodes that can participate in a new transactive marketplace for the resulting “surplus” energy. We are assembling a suite of data-driven, machine learning tools that will automate the curation, operations, and cash flow management of these new building systems & marketplace. We are unique because we will reduce go-to-market risk by convening the real estate customers up front.

Cohort 03 companies in residence

In addition to the seven companies selected for the third cohort, URBAN-X is also working with two resident companies:

Good Goods

Good Goods is a collaborative retail model for shared urban spaces. A space-as-a-service platform for emerging and established brands through month-to-month membership. We design and curate b2b and b2c experiences, gather analytics and insights, and generate thought leadership around prototyping interactions in support of future retail experiences in our evolving landscape.

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Hosta Labs is developing 3D models created from regular pictures for design and renovation. By reducing the time and money it takes for architects, contractors and designers to obtain room dimensions and create floorplans for renovations, the company is changing the way we experience and furnish our built environment.

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Demo Day For Cohort 03 will take place on February 8, 2018

Companies funded by Urban Us include:

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