Building a product is easy. Designing a solution is hard. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our startups to help them level up, serve customers, gain visibility, and raise their next round of capital. From product-market fit to Series-A, we know how important a strong foundation is, which is why we work with our startups at every touchpoint. Read on to learn more about the program results of our most successful startups.



Number of mentors and potential partners in our network.


Initial investment upon acceptance into our program.


Acceptance rate per cohort application.

4.78 / 5


We walked into the doors of URBAN-X with some patents, a few very rough prototypes, and a Tupperware container.

We walked out with an engineering proof of concept, a validated product, some amazing partners, press mentions in top-tier publications, a network of customers and lasting friendships.

Dan Bowden
Co-Founder of O2O2


At the end of every Cohort program is Demo Day – a powerful platform for startups to showcase market-ready prototypes and solutions to an audience of investors, thought leaders, press and influencers. View our keynote from Demo Day 03 from ZipCar Founder Robyn Chase here.


In April 2019 we celebrated the culmination of our fifth cohort with a livestreamed presentation from each of our founders on a global media platform provided by Futurism. Connecting founders to a unique group of customers, investors, and public officials is how city life gets better.

Being associated with URBAN-X gave us credibility within the startup scene.

By the end of the program, we had a functioning prototype, support from major blind organizations, a powerful presentation pitch deck, and a clear road map to face the future.


Download our annual startup insights reports for a data-rich look into the problems that our startups are solving, their approaches and motivations, and the broader urbantech ecosystem in which they exist.


The URBAN-X Zine is a bi-annual, printed publication that explores the current and future condition of the city. In combining insights and opinions from experts in the fields of science, art, education, and business it takes a speculative stance on how life in cities will evolve, how entrepreneurship could shape the future and where technology might take us.

Issue 3 - Releasing December 2019

ISSUE 03 of the URBAN-X Zine will cover topics ranging from the financial and human cost of inaction, to the Green New Deal, extinct species, rebuilt realities and what we can do in our day-to-day to avoid a looming climate catastrophe.

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