Designing Out Waste.

How can players at each link in the food value chain work to design out waste while creating value for their business & stakeholders? What other roles can zero waste advocates play within their own communities or organizations? Where are there still major opportunities?

Circular City Week is a yearly event that aims to transform industries and redesign urban living through different topics and mediums. As part of Circular City Week this year, this panel hosted by URBAN-X, The Grid, Just Salad, and Agritecture will explore how startups and existing businesses across the food value chain have evolved to create zero-waste solutions. Speakers will go in depth on what cost, operational, and culture barriers they ran into while attempting to innovate.

Doors Open: 6:30 PM
Panel Starts: 7:00 PM
Event Ends: 8:30 PM

Sandra Noonan – Chief Sustainability Officer, JustSalad
Ricky Stephens – Director of Digital Strategy, Agritecture
Sabine Valenga – Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Food for All
Thomas McQuillan – Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Culture and Sustainability, Baldor