Urban-X Cohorts.

A cohort includes up to 10 startups of varying sizes and missions with one important goal in common: reimagining city life. Throughout the program cohorts are mentored in all areas that are crucial to their success. The program culminates at Demo Day – a powerful platform at the end of the program for startups to showcase market-ready prototypes and products to an audience of investors, thought leaders, press and influencers.

Cohort 04.

URBAN-X Cohort 4 companies help mitigate risk and provide assurance in the urban environment by bringing transparency to the residential real estate market, predicting the probability of traffic accidents, providing real-time insights into construction projects and by better protecting cyclists through the use of next-generation materials. The Cohort 4 startups are Avvir, Clearroad, Open Data Nation, Park & Diamond, Sapient Industries, Rentlogic and Campsyte.

Cohort 03.

URBAN-X Cohort 3 companies build high performance sensors for autonomous vehicles and stratospheric imaging platforms to collect geospatial data. They help monitor and manage roads with AI, turn construction sites into efficient manufacturing floors and networks of buildings into virtual power plants. The Cohort 3 startups are Lunewave, Swiftera, Roadbotics, Good Goods, Hosta Labs, Qucit, Blueprint, Upshift and Versatile Natures.

Cohort 02.

URBAN-X Cohort 2 companies build human-electric cargo trikes for last mile deliveries, provide wearables for haptic navigation to the blind and visually impaired and offer platforms that quantify the usage of indoor spaces and systems that maximize fleet utilization for ride-hail services.

Cohort 01.

URBAN-X Cohort 1 companies make growing food in cities more enjoyable, disposing of food waste more sustainable, provide umatched operational intelligence to municipalities and deploy sensors that provide real-time actionable insights on the street level.